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About Myself 

Hi, I’m Rik Hoople. I’m a family man from British Columbia, Canada.
Over the last 21 years I’ve enjoyed having my own successful cleaning business. My family and I have enjoyed the benefits of the freedom it’s allowed us to have.
With the freedom and income from my cleaning business me and my family have enjoyed being able to do some traveling and spend time together.

We enjoy going to West Edmonton Mall for the rides and the water park and enjoy the great outdoors on our dirt bikes, riding the trails close to where we live.
Here is a picture of me and my family at Sun Peaks Resort.


But it wasn’t always easy, for a few years I worked seven days a week to just keep the business going and I found this just was not sustainable.

I was exhausted and ready to give it all up!

Fortunately, I kept trying and after trial and error, things started getting better with the cleaning business. It took me a few years, but I finally got a system in place so I could start getting time off and making an excellent income with the cleaning business

Over the last couple of years, I began thinking it would be great to help others learn to start and grow their own profitable cleaning business.
Now that I’ve decided to help others find freedom by starting their own successful cleaning business, I will use those same core values I had while running my cleaning business with teaching others how to start and grow their own cleaning business.

That’s why I will go the extra mile in helping you implement the proven systems I found and give you super value in my training

Things change for the better for me when:

· I figured out the best way to bid on cleaning jobs
· I learned how to package my services and make them appeal to high paying clients
· I found a way to hire good employees
· Quality cleaning became one of the core values that I had with my cleaning business

Some other core values that I learned:

· To be honest and trustworthy in everything
· To go the extra mile for my clients
· Give us much value as I could

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